Clinical Resources
A comprehensive set of clinical research tools including evidence-based research, patient reference material, drug interactions, newsletters and much more is available to all privileged Riverside providers.

Riverside Medical Library
Riverside's medical library has more than 5,000 medical, nursing, allied health and management publications as well as AV media available for review and check out. Library staff provide search and photocopy assistance for providers.

Other Clinical Resources

Additional Resources
Other provider resources, including information about how to get the most utility out of riversideMD.net, contact information related to legal, sign or translation services, administrative and other policy material associated with Riverside hospitals and articles of interest on healthcare reform, are provided.  

riversideMD.net Healthcare Reform



Riverside Medical Group


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Riverside Regional 30 minutes
Doctors' Hospital 16 minutes
Walter Reed 23 minutes
Tappahannock 22 minutes
Shore Memorial 11 minutes
Updated: 4:00 PM on 5/25/17