Using the latest order processing and system technology available, Riverside Pharmacy delivers medications throughout the health system as quickly and safely as possible. Clinical pharmacists also provide consulting services in the areas of Nutrition, Oncology and Pharmacokinetic Dosing. The pharmacy staff of managers, pharmacists and technicians are experienced in all aspects of pharmaceutical operations and provide some of the best pharmaceutical care on the Peninsula.

Clinical Services
Clinical pharmacy services are overseen by the Riverside Health System Clinical Director and the RRMC Clinical Pharmacy Manager. Specialists include pharmacists with advanced training in the areas of Critical Care, Pediatrics, Nutrition and Oncology. RRMC also has 2 post-doctoral residents who participate with the team of clinical pharmacists making daily rounds.

Medication Safety
The medication delivery system is continually evaluated and improved, with patient safety a number one priority. Riverside is committed to the safe use of medications within the facility, appointing a Medication Safety Coordinator to facilitate timely review of medication incidents, monitoring of current safety alerts, and as part of a continuous quality improvement process, to coordinate safe medication practices.


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Riverside Regional 30 minutes
Doctors' Hospital 16 minutes
Walter Reed 23 minutes
Tappahannock 22 minutes
Shore Memorial 11 minutes
Updated: 4:00 PM on 5/25/17