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April 30th, 2016 | RMG Spring Provider Conference
Provider Risk Management Session

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Recent Presentations:

March 8, 2017
Responsible Prescribing of Opioids
Mark Ross, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

March 1, 2017
How to Stay Out of Trouble with the VA Board of Medicine
Gerald Canaan, Esq, Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle, PC

February 22, 2017
MDCC: Epithelial Sarcoma
Helen Arnold, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Krystle David, MD, Family Medicine Resident
George Kannarkat, MD, Peninsula Cancer Institute

February 15, 2017
Understanding How Trauma Affects Health & Health Care
Ellen Williams, LCSW, Center for Child & Family Services

February 8, 2017
New Blood Product Order Sets
David Smith, MD, Peninsula Pathology
Cyndee Willis, RN

February 1, 2017
Late Life Depression
Alkesh Gajjar, MD, Riverside Behavioral Health

January 25, 2017
MDCC: Microscopic Polyangiitis
Reema Simon, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Samantha Umali, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Hardik Vora, MD, Riverside Hospitalist

January 18, 2017
Medication Simplification in the Elderly
Barry Rumble, Pharmacist, Riverside Lifelong Health & Aging Services

January 11, 2017
MDCC: Acute Left-Sided Ischemic Stroke w/ Secondary New Onset

Jasmine Whitehurst, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Sylvia Le, MD, Family Medicine Resident

January 4, 2017
Review of VA Supreme Court Decisions & Top Lawsuits Results
Joel McCray, Esq, Wimbish, Gentile, McCray & Roeber, PLLC
Katherine Skilling, Esq, Wimbish, Gentile, McCray & Roeber, PLLC

December 21, 2016
MDCC: Sickle Cell Disease
Eric Poulos, MD, Transitional Year Resident
Stephanie Lorenzo, DO, Family Medicine Resident

December 14, 2016
What's New in Primary Care: Final Plans for MACRA/MIPS
O. T. Adcock, Jr., MD, Riverside Medical Group

November 30, 2016
ObGyn Emergencies: Imminent Deliveries, Ectopic Pregnancy
Jawwad Khan, MD, Riverside Partners in Womens Health

November 16, 2016
Insomnia in the Elderly-What is the Best Practice?
Sharon Petitjean, MD, PACE

November 9, 2016
What to do for Forged Prescriptions, Child/Elder Abuse & Neglect,

Clay Landa, Esq, Hancock, Daniel, Johnson & Nagle, PC

October 19, 2016
Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology & Surgery:  A to Z
Mariel Focseneaunu, MD, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters

October 12, 2016
Diagnostic Errors/Improving Diagnosis
Gregg Shivers, MD, Riverside Walter Reed Hospice/Hospitalist

October 5, 2016
Venom Allergy/Hypersensitivity
Erin Karlin, MD, Allergy Partners of Hampton Roads

September 28, 2016
Congestive Heart Failure
Vasudev Anathram, MD, Riverside Cardiology Specialists

September 21, 2016
MDCC on Group B Strep Meningitis
Hersh Patel, MD, Transitional Year Resident
Krystle David, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Daniel Kluger, MD, Riverside Infectious Diseases

August 24, 2016
MDCC on Myxedema Coma
Stephanie Lorenzo, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Anne Hutchinson, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Carl Gibson, MD, Riverside Endocrinology & Diabetes

August 17, 2016
Advanced Care Planning and Billing
Laura Cunnington, MD, Riverside Lifelong Health

August 10, 2016
Update on Zika Virus
Rebekah Sensenig, DO, Riverside Infectious Diseases

August 3, 2016
Drug Allergy
Eric Karlin, MD, Allergy Partners of Hampton Roads

July 27, 2016
MDCC on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Ailene Dumo Medalla, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Alicia Barnes, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Allan Murphy, MBBS, Riverside Cariology Specialists

July 20, 2016
What's New in AC Management/Cardiac Imaging: Pulmonary

Charles Vaughan, MD, Riverside Cardiology Specialists

July 13, 2016
Tako-Tsubo (Broken Heart) Syndrome
Andrew Burton, MD, Riverside Cariology Specialists

July 6, 2016
Top Articles: Emergency Medicine
Nathaniel S. Minnick, DO, Riverside Emergency Physicians

June 29, 2016
New Monoclonal Antibodies for High Risk Cardiology Patients
Jason Ferrell, PharmD

June 22, 2016
MDCC: Hypothermia in the Setting of Cardiac Arrest
Akanksha Rajeurs, MD, Transitional Year Resident
Curtis Read, DO, Family Medicine Resident
William Gillen, MD, Riverside Cardiology Specialists

June 8, 2016
Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Pankajavalli Ramankrishnan, MD

May 25, 2016
Academic Research Day
Tamara Idlibi, PharmD: Impact of Pharmacist Counseling & Discharge Clopidorel on ACS 30-day Readmission Rate
Alexis Svokos, MD, ObGyn Resident: Effectiveness of the EAA Prolapse Repair System
David Woodson, DO, Family Medicine Resident: Peculiar Hip Pain in a Post-Pubescent Athlete
Daniel Young, MD, Transitional Year Resident: Imaging Work of Incidentally Discovered Adrenal Masses

May 18, 2016
MDCC: Crescentric Glomuerlonephritis
Ashley Loughner, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Sabrika Sikka, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Thomas Mackenzie, Riverside Renal Specialists

May 4, 2016
Management of Acute Medical & Postoperative Pain
Nicholas Baumler, DO and Amr Elsaadat, MD

April 20, 2016
O. John Semmes, PhD, EVMS

April 13, 2016
When to Consult a Gyn
Jill Hasling, MD, Riverside ObGyn Residency Program

April 6, 2016
Diagnosis & Management of Hyperglycemic Crises: DKA &

Emad Mohamed Khalil, MD, Riverside Hospitalists

March 30, 2016
Top Articles: What's New in Hospital Medicine?
Hardick Vora, MD, Riverside Hospitalists

March 23, 2016
MDCC on Travel Associated Fever
Daniel Young, MD, Transitional Year Resident
David Woodson, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Patrick G. Haggerty, MD, RRMC Hospital Epidemiologist

March 16, 2016
Transfer Center: What Do They Do? What Can They Do?
Melody Livengood, RHS System Director of Care Management

March 9, 2016
MDCC on Necrotizing Esophagitis
Marium Mujahid, DO,  Family Medicine Resident
Cecilia House, DO, Family Medicine Resident
A. Naniwadiker, MD, Riverside Gastroenterology Specialists

March 2, 2016
Top Articles: What's New in Palliative Care
Laura Cunnington, MD, Riverside Lifelong Health

February 10, 2016
Top Articles: What's New in Oncology
Flavia Kostov, MD, Peninsula Cancer Institute

February 3, 2016
What's New in General Surgery: Management of the Pregnant

Scott Reed, MD, Riverside Acute and Trauma Surgery

January 27, 2016
Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Disease

Karina Parr, MD, EVMS

January 13, 2016
Use & Abuse of Stimulant Medications
Sandy Mullen, PharmD, BCPP, Virginia Commonwealth Univ

January 6, 2016
Alzheimer's Dementia
Randy Ferrance, MD,  Riverside LifeLong Health

December 2, 2015
Abdominal Ultrasound in the ED
Virginia Stewart, MD, Riverside Emergency Physicians

November 18, 2015
MDCC on Variceal Bleeding
Teresa Martin-Carreras, MD, Transitional Year Resident
Curtis Read, DO, Family Medicine Resident
W. Andrew Hackworth, MD, Riverside Gastroenterology Specialists

November 11, 2015
Top Articles: Cardiology Article Review on Angiotensin Receptor
Neprilysin Inhibitor

Allan Murphy, MBBS, Riverside Cardiology Specialists

October 7, 2015
2015 Updated Diabetes Standards of Care
Carl Gibson, MD, Riverside Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists

September 30, 2015
New Oral Hypoglycemic Agents
Cindy Williams, RHS System

September 23, 2015
MDCC on Ascending Paralysis
David Worthen, MD
Ingrid Beck, MD
Anthony Caterine, MD, Riverside LifeLong Health

September 16, 2015
Robert Kidd, PharmD, Shenandoah Univ

September 9, 2015
Post-Concussive Syndrome
Nathan Zasler, MD, Richmond, VA

September 2, 2015
Getting to KNOW Sepsis
Sean Nix, DO, Riverside Trauma Services

August 26, 2015
Thromboelastrography:  A Game Changer
Lawrence Lottenberg, MD, West Palm Beach, FL

August 19, 2015
MDCC on Multiple Myeloma
Marium Mujahid, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Sarah Mazanec, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Flavia Kostov, MD, Peninsula Cancer Institute

July 29, 2015
Sabrina Siika, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Meghan Moyle, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Daniel Kluger, MD, Riverside Infectious Diseases

July 22, 2015
Rothman Index: Origins, Science, Use &

Michael Rothman, PhD, PeraHealth, Charlotte, NC

July 15, 2015
Early Mobility in the ICU
John Kress, MD, Univ of Chicago

July 8, 2015
Transfusion Reactions with Emphasis on TRALI
Lou Ann Maes, MD, American Red Cross, Mid-Atlantic Region

June 24, 2015
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Steven Nathan, MD, Inova

June 17, 2015
MDCC on Aspirin Toxicity
Brian Wariboko, MD, Family Medicine Resident
Jamil Yasin, MD, Family Medicine Resident
David Connito, MD, Riverside Renal Specialists

May 27, 2015
MDCC on Necrotizing Fasciitis
Cecilia House, DO, Family Medicine Resident
William Koeppel, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Scott Reed, MD, Riverside Trauma Surgeons

May 20, 2015
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Zachary Gertz, MD, VCU

April 22, 2015
MDCC on Advanced Heart Failure
Kathryn Brokus, DO, Family Medicine Resident
J. Daniel Bradshaw, DO, Family Medicine Resident
Rafic Zaitoun, MD, Riverside Cardiology Specialists

April 15, 2015
Taking Care of Patients in Need: A New Approach to Healthcare 

Janet Eddy, MD, Family Medicine, Care-A-Van
Emily Lieb, MD, Family Medicine,  Care-A-Van 

April 1, 2015
Medication Related Transitions of Care
Cindy Williams, System Director, Pharmacy






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