Our Philosophy

Who we are.
Patient centered. Physician led.

Dr. Barry GrossOne of the largest and most diverse specialty practices in Virginia, Riverside Medical Group represents the only physician group in the Commonwealth where doctors, working beside administrators, play a leadership role in making daily operating decisions that directly affect healthcare delivery. We don't just have a voice in healthcare. We direct it.

Dr. Barry Gross, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Riverside Health System

What we believe.

We are uniquely empowered medical professionals who every day, have the privilege of providing competent, courteous, compassionate and accessible care to our community. We do this by working together as partners, continuously collaborating on care delivery. We listen to each other and to our patients. And then we deliver some of the best medical outcomes possible. Our mission of improving health and enhancing the well being of our community is being realized one physician - and one patient - at a time.

Dr. James Lesnick, Senior Vice President and Medical Director, Riverside Medical Group

Where we're going.

Drawing from the best of what our providers bring to this organization, together we are working to transform hundreds of individual practices into a single multi-specialty medical group whose every provider is united around a common purpose: the accessible, expeditious, enjoyable and fulfilling practice of medicine where quality care and unsurpassed medical outcomes are delivered in a fiscally prudent environment -- for our patients and our providers.

Dr. Robert Harding, Chairman, Riverside Medical Group Board

What it will take.

Sally RyanWe can't predict the future of healthcare. It will change in unimaginable ways, unimaginable times. But when over 500 individually distinguished physicians, over 100 mid-level providers and some of the best support staff in the business come together as one operating unit, one medical group with one common purpose, together, we will achieve uncommon results.

Sally Ryan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Riverside Medical Group

Why we're different.

Medicine is a calling. Healthcare is a business. The two are inextricably linked. By having medical professionals teamed with administrators overseeing all aspects of healthcare operation and care delivery, we know we're making the best decisions for our patients - and our bottom line.

Brad Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Riverside Medical Group

How we communicate.

Good communication is the key to great healthcare and we intensely value, foster and respect the relationship between patient and physician and physician and physician. In part, this strong connection is made possible by our early adoption and pioneering use of an electronic medical record system that is leading the nation in providing fast access to quality medical care. Over 500 physicians in 132 locations are interconnected with nearly 500,000 patient records. But it doesn't stop there. MyHealth eLink is an online portal that allows patients to access their electronic medical records, communicate with RMG physician practices, request referrals, appointments, immunization records and prescription refills online, and ask questions of practice staff. The future of healthcare is now.

Dr. Charles Frazier, Senior Vice President, Clinical Innovation, Riverside Health System


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Shore Memorial 11 minutes
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