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Riverside Medical Group is led by Associate Medical Director Dr. OT Adcock, who, teamed with RMG Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Sally Ryan and RMG Chief Financial Officer Brad Miller, form the RMG senior leadership team. The RMG organization falls under the direction of Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Barry Gross. Dr. Gross is one of a four member Executive Management Team with operating responsibility for Riverside Health System and Riverside Medical Group.

RMG Leadership

Dr. Barry Gross
Debra Conner

Dr. OT Adcock Jr.
Stephanie Bell

Sally Ryan
Stephanie Bell

Brad Miller
Stephanie Bell
Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
Executive Assistant

Associate Medical Director
RMG Coordinator

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Senior Executive Administrative Assistant

Chief Financial Officer
RMG Coordinator

RMG is organized around seven key service lines: cancer, primary care, cardiac and vascular, neurosciences/spine/orthopaedics, surgical specialists, women's health and general medical. In addition, emergency, diagnostic and imaging services are key patient "access channels."

Service Lines
Service lines are led by a Physician Chief partnered with a non-physician Administrator. Service lines extend horizontally across the health system and Riverside Medical Group with service line leaders managing all aspects of provider practices within the service line as well as overall service line margin and profitability including professional, facility and diagnostic services. The service line Chief/Administrator teams are directly responsible for the quality of patient care and medical outcomes achieved. There are seven established service lines with plans to expand this model in the near future.

Neurosciences, Oncology and Infusion Services
Chief, Oncology and Infusion Services
Chief, Neurosciences
Dr. Ben Othmane
Sandy Snapp

Cardiology, Pulmonary and Vascular
Dr. Edward Chu
Adria Vanhoozier

Dr. James Spiller
Christine Woody

Orthopedics, Pain Management, ENT, Surgical Services and Gastroenterology
Chief, Surgical Services
Interim Chief, Orthopedics & Urology
Dr. Brian Billings
Dr. James Lesnick
Doug Culbert

Primary Care
Dr. O.T. Adcock
Sally Ryan

Women's Health
Dr. Jeff Henke
Theresa Bunn / Erika Wilson

Access Channels
Emergency Rooms are often the front door for many patients who enter the RMG network. The Emergency Room Medical Director and VP/Administrator work closely with all service line Chiefs and Administrators in providing seamless, coordinated patient care. The emergency room is a primary source of PCP and specialist referrals.

Imaging and Diagnostic Centers are also significant access channels for patients into the RMG network. Many diagnostic and imaging services provided do not require a physician referral and patients without a primary care provider are subsequently referred to a RMG PCP or specialist.

Primary Care Providers (PCPs)
A strategically important primary access point for patients into the RMG network, Primary Care Providers (PCP) include those that specialize in family or internal medicine. For women, some OB/GYN practices also serve as primary care providers. Organized by geography, Practice Directors oversee individual Practice Managers and are accountable for the operation and profitability of each PCP practice including the handling of personnel and recruitment issues. They work closely with Service Line leaders and other providers in making referrals to RMG specialists and help facilitate continuity of patient care throughout the RMG network.

Non-Service Line Specialties
Non-service line specialist areas include those practices not currently falling directly within an established service line, for example, ophthalmology. Non-service line affiliated physicians and practice staff work closely with Practice Directors and Service Line leaders to insure the same continuity of care for patients.


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Riverside Regional 30 minutes
Doctors' Hospital 16 minutes
Walter Reed 23 minutes
Tappahannock 22 minutes
Shore Memorial 11 minutes
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