How fitting that Virginia's "historic triangle," a region rooted in history forged by our country's founding fathers, is home to Riverside Medical Group where a physician-directed healthcare system is making a history all its own.

The choices we make are the hinges of our destiny.  
Founded in 2007 and committed to providing accessible, coordinated patient care using state-of-the-art technology to achieve some of the best medical outcomes possible, Riverside Medical Group is comprised of more than 500 medically distinguished physicians and 110 mid-level providers across nearly every specialty.  We're medical doctors who care deeply about our patients and our community.  And we're physician leaders.

We recognize that Industry-altering reform and the future of our nation's healthcare system and physician providers are inextricably linked. Riverside Medical Group is structured so physicians and Riverside Health System leaders work together as joint stakeholders in all aspects of healthcare delivery. Together, we establish care standards, processes, protocols, manage facilities, monitor outcomes, and serve as business owners of "one" business.  Physician leaders confer on matters of policy, strategy and finance, holding vigorous, professional and productive debate until common ground is reached. We help shape all aspects of local healthcare delivery, optimizing our collective resources in the best interest of our patients -- and our bottom line. Together, we're transforming healthcare. 

Tomorow's medicine. Today.
Our physician partners work as a team, coordinating a continuum of patient care. Regardless of life stage or patient status, our primary care providers and specialists support birth through end of life care needs in Riverside hospitals, urgent care, mental health, surgery, continuing care and assisted living facilities, health & wellness, rehabilitation, diagnostic centers and more.  This integrated, coordinated and proven care model is yielding a better patient experience, enhanced medical outcomes and reduced costs. And it is at the core of our transformation from providers "handing off" patients, to physician partners "lending a hand. " 

Communities we serve.
Centrally located in Virginia's historic triangle, the majority of our physicians practice in the waterfront communities of Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson and Williamsburg that make up the Virginia Peninsula. Commonly referred to as "Hampton Roads," our greater metropolitan market boasts the nation's largest concentration of military personnel and has a household population in excess of 1.6 million.  Affiliated with six local market hospitals and a strong provider base, we also serve the middle peninsula areas in and around Gloucester and Tappahannock as well as the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland.


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Riverside Regional 30 minutes
Doctors' Hospital 16 minutes
Walter Reed 23 minutes
Tappahannock 22 minutes
Shore Memorial 11 minutes
Updated: 4:00 PM on 5/25/17