RMG Board

The Riverside Medical Group (RMG) Board is made up of fifteen providers elected by RMG membership at an annual provider retreat. Terms are staggered with each member serving a two year term. The Chairman is elected by the Board and also serves as a member of the Riverside Health System Board of Directors. The purpose of the RMG Board is to provide direction to the operating group of RMG.

2016 RMG Board of Directors
  • James Dudley, MD
  • Jon Geddes, MD
  • John Gretes, MD
  • Jeffrey Henke, MD
  • Dwight Herbert, MD
  • David Jones, MD
  • Gary Kavit, MD
  • George Kannarkat, MD
  • James Blake Long, MD
  • William McAllister, IV, MD
  • James McCorry, DO
  • John Mincks, MD
  • Robert Winfield, MD
  • Terry Thompson, NP

RMG Board Subcommittees
Five subcommittees operate under the direction of the Board:

Culture and Communications Subcommittee
Provider communication, recognition and new physician orientation is the focus of this subcommittee. Primary communication tools include riversideMD.net (website) and eRMG (electronic newsletter). Members include non-providers.

  • Chair: Dr. Robert Harding
Medical Practice and Quality Subcommittee
With an ongoing commitment to quality, this subcommittee focuses on practice and other medical protocols, quality benchmarks and measurement metrics. It establishes the annual quality indicators and oversees scorecard performance.
  • Chair: Dr. Emmeline Gasink

Finance and Operations Subcommittee
Comprised of physicians and RMG operations and finance leadership, the finance subcommittee is responsible for coding and billing compliance and all aspects of RMG financial management and oversight.

  • Chair: Dr. Jeff Henke

Peer Review Subcommitee

  • Chair: Dr. Gregg Shivers

Advanced Practice Providers Subcommittee

  • Chair: Tammy Hedspeth, NP


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Riverside Regional 30 minutes
Doctors' Hospital 16 minutes
Walter Reed 23 minutes
Tappahannock 22 minutes
Shore Memorial 11 minutes
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